How it all Began

Caisleáin Óir - The Musical began it's journey in 1998, when Leslie Long, who having studied Caisleáin Óir by Séamus Ó Grianna for his Leaving Certificate, decided to write a musical based on the novel. The first task was to translate the text into English. Having completed the first drafts of the script, and with a couple of songs written, Leslie encouraged Kathleen Ruddy to come on board. At that time, Kathleen was producing and directing youth musicals in Letterkenny with The Rainbow Theatre Group and they had worked together on several productions. During the following two years they collaborated on scripts, music, and arrangements of the songs and instrumentals, and began to realise that Caisleáin Óir - The Musical was taking on a life of it's own!

They needed a director with talent and enthusiasm, who would share their belief in the project and thus lift Caisleáin Óir - The Musical out of the pages and on to the stage. With that in mind they approached Phil Dalton, who had created, directed and choreographed many productions in the Northwest. Phil was also involved in youth drama, and suggested staging Caisleáin Óir with a youth cast.

Caisleáin Óir - The Musical premièred in An Grianán Theatre, Letterkenny in September 2000, and was such a success that a second run was arranged in April 2001. Work continued on enhancing the script and original music scores. Having secured licensing rights, Leslie, Kathleen and Phil, by now established as Making Waves Productions, presented Caisleáin Óir - The Musical, this time with an adult cast, in An Grianán Theatre from November 1st to 5th 2005, thrilling the audience at each performance. The production won the prestigious “Spirit of AIMS / Adjudicator’s Special Award” in the Sullivan category at the AIMS Annual Awards Ceremony in Killarney on 17th June, 2006.

Caisleáin Óir - The Musical is now ready to take its place on a bigger stage. The hope for this wonderful new musical is that other companies will bring the story of Caisleáin Óir to audiences throughout Ireland and beyond. Only then would the true destiny of Caisleáin Óir - The Musical be fulfilled!